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Miguel Nogueira Lopes

Miguel Nogueira Lopes

Senior Researcher at CITTA

Faculty of Engineering of Oporto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n

Oporto , Portugal 4200-465 Oporto
Work: (+351) 225081453


Miguel Nogueira Lopes is an Integrated Member at the CITTA – Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment since 2016. 

His Master's degree in Civil Engineering (option of spatial and environmental planning) at FEUP in 2010, in the theme of inclusive design of public space, and his PhD in the year of 2015, with the thesis 'The Changing Publicness of Urban Spaces', allow for a broader understanding on the field of public space evaluation, with a particular focus on the privatization dynamics that are shaping contemporary cities.

Having spent a transition year in the world of private consulting, with a shift to the field of accessibility measurement and mobility patterns evaluation, his return to CITTA, under the umbrella of acessibility management, has reinforced his multidisciplinary expertise.

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