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Oxana Tchepel

Oxana Tchepel

Assistant Professor, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Sciences and Technology,
University of Coimbra - Polo II

Coimbra , Portugal 3030-788 Coimbra
Work: (+351) 239797106


  1. - 2003 PhD in Environmental Sciences. University of Aveiro, Portugal. (Thesis title: “Emission modelling as a decision support tool for air quality management”)
  2. - 1997 Master degree in Atmospheric Pollution. University of Aveiro, Portugal. (Thesis title: “Application of Geographical Information Systems to mesoscale atmospheric pollution modelling”).
  3. - 1990 Graduation in Geography. Simferopol State University, Russia.


Research area: Sustainable transport; Urban environment; Air quality assessment; Population exposure.


Oxana Tchepel is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, since 2013. She holds a Master degree in Atmospheric Pollution (1997) and PhD in Environmental Sciences (2003) from University of Aveiro, Portugal. Her research work is currently integrated in the Research Centre for Territory, Transport and Environment (CITTA) focusing on the emission modelling in urban environment and air pollution assessment. She participated in more than 20 research projects and collaboration networks directly related with the field of expertise. She was a coordinator of EMOSAT project – “Characterisation of emission sources using advanced atmospheric modelling and satellite data” (PTDC/CTE-ATM/103253/2008) and local coordinator of T.a.T. project (EIE/07/239/SI2.466287) related with student mobility. Member of Pool of Scientific Advisors on risk assessment (2008/721/EC), national representative in EC Joint Expert Group “Transport & Environment” (2011). She was evaluator of research project proposals within Netherland User Support Programme Space Research (2012) and EC INTAS international call (2005). Co-author of about 100 scientific and technical publications.

Recent Publications in ISI Journals (2010 - ...):
- Dias D., Tchepel O. (2014) Modelling of human exposure to air pollution in the urban environment: A GPS based approach. Environ. Sci. Pol. Res.
- Coelho M.C., Fontes T., Bandeira J.M., Pereira S.R., Tchepel O., Dias D., Sá E., Amorim J.H., Borrego C. (2014) Assessment of potential improvements on regional air quality modelling related with implementation of a detailed methodology for traffic emissions estimation. Science of the Total Environment. 470-471, pp. 127-137.
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- Tchepel O., Ferreira J., Fernandes A.P., Basart S., Baldasano J., Borrego C. (2013) Analysis of long-range transport of aerosols for Portugal using 3D Chemical Transport Model and satellite measurements. Atmos. Environ. 64, pp. 229-241.
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- Tchepel O., Costa A.M., Martins H., Ferreira J., Monteiro A., Miranda A.I., Borrego C. (2010) Determination of Background Concentrations for Air Quality Models Using Spectral Analysis of Monitoring Data. Atmos. Environ. 44- 1, pp. 106-114.
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