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research group 1 - planning and environmental assessment (PEA)


Paulo Pinho
research group 1 - planning and environmental assessment (PEA)

Scope & Objectives

Research carried out in the Spatial Planning and Environmental Assessment Unit focus on the interaction between spatial dynamics, urban environmental issues and impact assessment and decision systems.

  • Currently, spatial dynamics topics comprise the study of urban form and metropolitan structures through space syntax and GIS applications, the understanding of shrinking cities and the effects of land use policies and infrastructure provision on real estate markets.
  • The study of the nature of urban environmental issues. urban metabolism, bioclimatic urban design and urban mobility and accessibility patterns.
  • Finally, decision making and impact assessment research covers EIA, SEA, SIA and TIA as well as planning evaluation and decision support systems.

Research Team

  • 17 Integrated Members (Paulo Pinho, Ana Monteiro, Anabela Ribeiro, Anastássios Perdicoúlis, Cecília Silva, Fernando Brandão Alves, Filipa Malafaya Baptista, Lara Mendes, Luísa Batista, Miguel Lopes, Miguel Saraiva, Miguel Serra, Nuno Abrantes, Ruben Fernandes, Sara Santos Cruz, Sílvia Sousa, Vítor Oliveira)
  • 8 PhD Students (Alba Pinheiro, Ana Amante, Ana Martins, Diego Gimenez, Inês Frade, Miguel Pimentel, Paulo Silvestre, Susana Gomes)

Financial Support

  • European Union – FP6; FP7; ESF; H2020
  • Foundation for Science and Technology / Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia
  • Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto / Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Laboratory Facilities

  • Planning Laboratory - GIS Unit

Previous Research Projects

Previous PhD Projects

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