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1.1 - urban regeneration in the metropolitan area of Oporto PloneArticle
1.2 - urban planning and port management: the changing nature of city-port interactions PloneArticle
1.3 - real estate market and urban change Project
1.4 - Utopic Fragments in the Chaotic City: closed condominiums in Greater Oporto Project
1.5 - urban planning for immigrant integration PloneArticle
1.6 - management models, institutional and financial solutions for historic cities. ATLANTE - enhance the UNESCO'S world heritage atlantic cities project PloneArticle
1.7 - (IMP)³ - improving the implementation of environmental impact assessment PloneArticle
1.8 - spatial structuring for metropolitan planning purposes: the case of the metropolitan area of Oporto PloneArticle
1.10 - environmental policies and planning systems Project
1.11 - cultural sustainability: cultural space performance and urban spatial organization Project
1.12 - evaluation in urban planning Project
1.13 - urban mobility policy: a framework for the integration of land use and transport policies for sustainable urban travel Project
1.14 - ICON - the impact of closed condominiums in the urban form Project
1.15 - the urban design as a potential tool for a bioclimatic architecture Project
1.16 - planning for shrinking cities in Portugal PloneArticle
1.17 - MOPUS - mobility patterns and urban structures PloneArticle
1.18 - Thermal retrofitting of public spaces in compact urban areas. A bioclimatic approach Project
1.19 - SUME - sustainable urban metabolism for europe PloneArticle
1.20 - SUPER-CITIES - sustainable land use policies for resilient cities PloneArticle
1.21 - EVIDENCE - Re-inventing analysis, design and decision support systems for planning PloneArticle
1.22 - TIA for EC, national and regional policies PloneArticle
1.23 - The Impact of Commercial Activity on the Form and Structure of the City: the Case of Portuguese Medium-sized Cities Project
1.24 - Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in Portugal Project
1.25 - The Nature of Spatial Planning Policies in Small Islands PloneArticle
1.26 - Resilient territories: the case of Ave Valley Region PloneArticle
1.27 - Anatomy of an Emerging Metropolitan Territory - Towards an unified analytical framework for metropolitan morphology Project
1.28 - Public housing: (in)extensive renovation? Project
2.1 - the construction of urban regeneration policies: analysis, evaluations and recommendations in selected urban areas PloneArticle
2.2 - evaluating the compatibility of local land-use planning: an analysis in the metropolitan area of Porto PloneArticle
2.3 - the impacts of urban public transport in the urban development of metropolitan area Porto PloneArticle
2.4 - PRECO (permanent regional cooperation) - development of a global data system on land use and transport integration PloneArticle
2.5 - models of production and management of social housing PloneArticle
2.6 - strategic study for urban renewal interventions in central Porto PloneArticle
2.7 - urban and housing policies in Portugal PloneArticle
2.8 - urban policies, integrated projects and new modes of governance PloneArticle
2.9 - urbact - partners4action PloneArticle
2.10 - international universities as developers PloneArticle
2.11 - integrating ICT's and planning: the role of the planner's culture PloneArticle
2.12 - territorial policies and institutional innovation: the case of inter-municipal cooperation PloneArticle
2.13 - PPP & urban regeneration PloneArticle
2.14 - urban policy evaluation in the Porto Metropolitan Area: the new information requirements PloneArticle
2.15 - urban policies evaluation and collective learning: a methodology PloneArticle
2.16 - patterns of urban disadvantage and urban regeneration policies PloneArticle
2.17 - social justice as a guide to planning practice: criteria for plan evaluation PloneArticle
2.18 - urban policies, creativity and cohesion: the case of Porto city-region PloneArticle
2.19 - urban rehabilitation in historical centres: models of intervention and management in critical areas Project
2.20 - the involvement of children and young people in a participative land use management model for the local level Project
2.21 - Governance models in urban regeneration PloneArticle
2.22 - Spatial Patterns of Urban Disadvantage PloneArticle
3.1 - techical assistance on the development of new projects in transport PloneArticle
3.2 - research agreement FEUP/TAP – Air Portugal PloneArticle
3.3 - research agreement FEUP/TAP and FEUP/SPdH PloneArticle
3.4 - research agreement FEUP/STCP PloneArticle
3.5 - management and performance evolution on urban public transport enterprises (FCT) PloneArticle
3.6 - air transport PloneArticle
3.7 - public transport management and operations PloneArticle
3.8 - city logistics PloneArticle
3.9 - handling operations management PloneArticle
3.10 - InTrSim - model to simulate transport interfaces PloneArticle
3.11 - cost of noise PloneArticle
3.12 - Air transportation for effective and efficient service to small more remote communities: Policy options under regulatory reform PloneArticle
1.29 - Urban Design and Active Ageing, the public space of residential areas Project
1.30 - Accessibility Measures in the Portuguese Urban Planning System Project
1.31 - The Publicness of urban spaces Project
1.32 - COST Action TU0803 - Cities Regrowing Smaller  (CIRES) PloneArticle
1.33 - COST Action TU1002 - Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice in Europe Project
1.34 - COST Action TU1203 - Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning Project
1.35 - COST Action TU1204 – People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World Project
1.36 - Paths of population and housing development in Portugal: divergences and convergences in space and planning (Post-doc project) Project
4.1 - AROUND - Improving Capacity And Emission Models of Roundabouts PloneArticle
2.23 - Metropolitan and inter-municipal governance and territorial policies: towards increased institutional innovation? Project
2.24 - Diversity and specificity: the spatial contexts of creativity of Porto Metropolitan Region, Portugal Project
2.25 - Urban rehabilitation market in Portugal: a prospective study and a good practice guide PloneArticle
2.26 - Sub-standard housing in Oporto: the case of “ilhas” Project
4.2 - MODAT - Multi-objective Decision-Aid Tool for Highway Asset Management PloneArticle
4.3 - WAYNERGY VEHICLES – Electric Energy Generation System Using the Movement of Vehicles PloneArticle
4.4 - EMSURE – Energy and Mobility for Sustainable Regions- PloneArticle
4.5 - LIVE - tooLs to Injury preVEntion PloneArticle
4.6 - CiViTAS – ELAN: Mobilizing citizens for vital cities PloneArticle
4.7 - SAFESPEED – Speed Management Strategies: an Instrument for the Implementation of Safe and Efficient Road Management Solutions PloneArticle
2.27 - Locally constructed knowledge in spatial policies: the role of spatial data processing tools PloneArticle
1.37 - The requalification of public spaces in social housing in Porto: design as a social instrument / A Requalificação dos Espaços Públicos nos Conjuntos de Habitação Económica no Porto: o Desenho como Instrumento Social Project
1.38 – Public Space and Active Ageing / O Espaço Público e o Envelhecimento Ativo Project
4.8 - TA Project - Centrifuge Study of the Seismic Performance of Propped Flexible Retaining Walls Embedded in Saturated Sand PloneArticle
4.9 - TA Project - Shallow Foundations Exposed to Seismic Liquefaction: A Centrifuge-Based Study on the Level and Mitigation of the Effects PloneArticle
4.10 - PTDC/ECM/103220/2008: Tools for Performance-Based Design in Liquefiable Deposits PloneArticle
4.11 - POCTI/ECM/46461/2002: Sistema de Gestão de Pavimentos Rodoviários Determinístico e com Decisão ao Nível do Trecho Rodoviário PloneArticle
4.12 - PORTAL: Promotion of Results in Transport Research and Learning PloneArticle
4.13 - POCTI/ECM/32909/1999: Sistemas de Gestão de Pavimentos Rodoviários: Um Instrumento de Optimização com Decisão ao Nível de Trecho de Pavimento PloneArticle
1.39 - Territory Risk Units as a means to understand territory risk scenarios PloneArticle
3.45 - SoMoMUT: Soft Mode Modeling in Urban Trips PloneArticle
4.14 - PAVENERGY - Pavement Energy Harvest Solutions Project
1.40 - MIA - Metabolic Impact Assessment: from concept to practice Project
1.41 - COST Action TU 1104  - Smart Energy Regions Project
1.42 - COST Action C23 – Strategies for a Low Carbon Built Environments Project
1.43 - 3S RECIPE – Smart Shrinkage Solutions – Fostering Resilient Cities in Inner Peripheries of Europe Project
3.46 - TRAPHIC - Traffic related air pollution impacts on historic city centres: an integrated approach Project
1.44 - Spatial Analysis on Collective Transport Equity: A study in the city of Recife Brazil Project
3.47 - Airline Fleet Composition: Analysis and Planning Project
1.45 - Unravelling the Spatial Morphology of European Metropolitan Regions Project
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