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1.1 - urban regeneration in the metropolitan area of Oporto

Project Description

This project intended to readdress current processes and instruments for urban regeneration under a perspective of sustainable development, and to evaluate the compatibility - in terms of nature, meaning and extent - of a sustainable standpoint with the traditional objectives of urban regeneration programmes which are essentially of a social and economic nature.

It comprised several issues, namely the ones associated to:

  • The characterization of the planning systems of Metropolitan Area of Porto bearing in mind a sustainable development perspective;
  • Analysis of the most severe urban declining forms, desoccupation and sub-utilization and reappraisal of urban regeneration policies under a sustainable development standpoint in selected case studies;
  • The proposal of a framework of policies, strategies and models for intervention, as well as relevant regulatory initiatives, to support the adoption of innovative approaches to urban regeneration practice.

Research Team

Prof. Paulo Pinho

Profª. Isabel Breda Vázquez

Paula Vaz Ribeiro

Isabel Galego

Financial Support

Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia/PRAXIS XXI

(Projecto PRAXIS7PCSH7C7AUR7233796)

Stage of Progress

Concluded in 1999
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