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2.10 - international universities as developers

Project Description

The project describes university real estate activity in cities and is based on case studies from several continents. These case studies will become part of an edited volume, tentatively titled The University, the City and the State: Comparative Studies of University Real Estate Development.

The Portuguese contribution - The University of Oporto and the Process of Urban Change: an ambiguous relationship - analyses the role of the University as a catalyst for urban development in Oporto, Portugal, as part of the more general issue of the interaction between the university and the city. It describes the university (property) expansion policy and discusses its relation to town planning and policies, outlining its effects on the transformation of Oporto, especially in the areas where university facilities are located.

The research underlines the difficulties - and the importance - of articulation between the University and the local political and administrative authorities, and stresses the relevance of institutional relationships and capacities in the process of urban change.

Research Team

Coordinators of the project:

    David Perry, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Wim Wiewel, University of Baltimore

    Rosalind Greenstein, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Washington

CITTA's research team:

    Isabel Breda Vázquez

    Paulo Conceição

Financial Support

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Stage of Progress



Chapters of Books
  • Breda-Vázquez, I; Conceição, P; Alves, S (2008) " The University of Oporto and Urban Change: an ambiguous relationship", Wiewel, W. and Perry, D (Eds.), in Global Universities and Urban Development: Case Studies and Analysis New York, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge, Massachustts USA) and M. E. Sharpe, Armond, New York , pp 226-254, ISBN: 978-0-7656-2039-2
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