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2.11 - integrating ICT's and planning: the role of the planner's culture

Project Description

This research aims to understand the relations established between infrastructure networks urban planning, and planner's culture.

In a period of fast economic, social and technological mutations, which have led to the emergency of a network society, the relations between infrastructure networks and urban planning are contextualized, involving particularly the questions associated to ICT´s.

In this sense, and in empirical terms, the role played for the ICT's in the activities of the city councils is evaluated, in particular in urban planning, having as main vector of information the inquiry carried through questionnaire to the staff with responsibilities in planning and urbanism of the totality city councils of the Portugal mainland.

The research values a perspective that takes care of the innovative aspects that characterize planning in face of the new infrastructural realities and the emergent territorial trends and analysis the importance of planner's culture to deal with these challenges.

Research Team

Miguel Branco-Teixeira

Prof. Isabel Breda Vázquez (supervisor)

Financial Support


Stage of Progress

Concluded in 2008


Papers in Proceedings of Scientific Meetings
PhD Theses
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