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2.3 - the impacts of urban public transport in the urban development of metropolitan area Porto

Project Description

Discuss the links between land use, urban development and urban public transport;

Readdress the question of the role of urban public transport in a sustainable urban development through the consequences of spatial configuration of urban dynamism;

To propose a set of structured concrete and innovative recommendations of urban policy embodying concerns of sustainable development in terms of interrelation between land use/urban development/transportation. The analysis will be carried out with the example of the AMP.

The research project has been carried out along the following tasks/phases:

  • Conceptualisation and data collection.
  • Comparative analysis between the processes of development of AMP and the evolution of urban public transport network.
  • Characterisation of the process of development of AMP (phases of urban expansion and reasons of suburban development; spatial patterns of housing and employment; patterns of land use); evolution of the public transport network (infrastructure investments, configuration of network).
  • Evaluation of the impact of urban public transport: the dynamics of the change during the 80s and 90s.
  • Analysis of the conditions of interdependency between the urban public transport and the metropolitan development, in an attempt to integrate the main conditions of change.
  • Conclusions

Organisation, evaluation and presentation of results of the research project; policy recommendations.


Research Team

  • Prof. Isabel Breda Vázquez (coord.)
  • Prof. Álvaro Costa
  • Paula Ribeiro Ramos

Financial Support

FCT/PRAXIS XXI (Projecto PRAXIS/AUR/13250/98)

Stage of Progress

Concluded (1999-2001)
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