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2.8 - urban policies, integrated projects and new modes of governance

Project Description

The overall aim of the dissertation project is centred on the analysis and evaluation of the development of "new urban policies" and their institutional and functional articulations with the planning system. The project aims, moreover, to integrate local housing policies, which have been put aside in the Portuguese context, as a third side of the problematic triangulation.

Thus, the central theme of the investigation is oriented towards the study of the application of several urban initiatives of European, national and local levels, in specific urban areas of the national territory, in order to understand the changes occurred in the planning system, the emergence of multilevel initiatives and new institutional arrangements and governance practices. The understanding of the theme will, therefore, imply the analysis of the different institutional levels involved in urban policies.

In this context, the investigation intends to highlight forms of increasing synergies through institutional arrangements of different scales, in order to increase and improve the institutional capacity able to respond to recent challenges in the Portuguese context; and to identify relationships and impacts resulting from the complementary utilization of instruments from the "new urban policies", "formal" planning system and programmes of housing policy.

Research Team

Ema Rosmaninho

Prof. Isabel Breda-Vázquez (Supervisor)

Prof. Paulo Conceição (Co-supervisor)

Financial Support

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian / FEUP

Stage of Progress



Papers in Proceedings of Scientific Meetings
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