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3.7 - public transport management and operations

Project Description

Technical Assistance in the development of courses and manuals in several aspects related to the operations of public transport enterprises.

Five editions of the course on the Operations Management of Public Transport Enterprises took place. The content of the course covers aspects related to legal framework of the public transport sector, recent trends resulting from the harmonization of the European laws, market organization, operations and management of public transport. The course is designed for operational managers of the enterprises, members of local and central administration.

Research Team

Prof. Álvaro Costa (Coordinator) and Jorge Freire de Sousa

Pedro Abrantes

Miguel Pimentel

Patrícia Carvalhido

Oana Santos

Sudarshan Saraf

Financial Support

Fees from courses

Stage of Progress

The first three editions of the course have been prepared at the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto and two more editions were carried out in Lisbon


Papers in Proceedings of Scientific Meetings
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