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3.8 - city logistics

Project Description

This thesis explores the relation between the organization of logistic activities and the impact in the organization of urban space and explores the possibilities of implementation of better forms of organizing logistic activities.

Three main areas of study will be covered:

  • Organizational forms of logistic activities. From the autoorganized to the collaborative systems;
  • The organization of the logistics in the urban areas. Activities and distribution needs;
  • Evaluation of organizational forms. Proposal for more efficient forms of organizing the distribution in urban areas.

Research Team

Sandra Melo (PhD Student)

Prof. Álvaro Costa (Supervisor)

Financial Support

The PhD is funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

Stage of Progress

The Project started on the 1st February 2005 and is the continuation of ongoing research on the subject of City Logistics


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