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research group 2 - urban planning and housing (UPH)


Isabel Breda Vazquez
research group 2 - urban planning and housing (UPH)

Scope & Objectives

The research unit “Urban Planning and Housing” has been focusing on the study of urban policies and new forms of governance, as well as on the development of policy and plan evaluation methodologies.

These two general objectives have been achieved through various types of projects, with themes covering several concerns: the issue of urban and territorial policy coordination at “micro” (intra-urban) and “meso” (metropolitan and regional) scales; the experiences of partnerships in national urban regeneration policies, the urban deprivation issue and urban regeneration policies; the importance of urban policy evaluation with the purposes of innovation and collective learning; the relevance of the “just city” and of social criteria in policies and plans.

Research Team

  • 10 Integrated Members (Isabel Breda-Vázquez, Carlos Oliveira, Cilísia Ornelas, Emília Malcata-Rebelo, Fernanda Sousa, João Armando Gonçalves, Miguel Branco-Teixeira, Miguel Graça, Paulo Conceição, Ricardo Cardoso)
  • 3 PhD Students ( José Patrício Martins, Isabel Coimbra, Tatiane Serrano)

Financial Support

  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Oporto / Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto (FEUP)
  • Foundation for Science and Technology/ Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

Laboratory Facilities

  • Planning Laboratory - GIS Unit

Previous Research Projects

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