CITTA is installed in spacious and comfortable facilities located in the relatively new buildings of the Departments of Civil Engineering of the two universities, which include office spaces, dedicated classrooms, meeting rooms and laboratory areas (GIS and Traffic Analysis Labs in Oporto and Geotechnical Engineering and Pavement Mechanics Labs in Coimbra).

CITTA’s facilities comprise a dedicated floor space of approximately 400m2 at FEUP, including two laboratories, the Geographic Information System Laboratory and the Traffic Analysis Laboratory, and 600m2 at FCTUC including also two laboratorial facilities, the Geotechnical Engineering and the Pavement Mechanics Labs. In addition, CITTA members benefit from the free access to the excellent Libraries of FEUP and FCTUC as well as to other facilities such as the CICA and the CCA, FEUP and FCTUC computer centres.