CITTA at the Global Health Forum

CITTA (Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment) will be represented at the Global Health Forum, 29-30 September 2023 - Cascais, an event that joins experts from different areas of knowledge to discuss the issues shaping the future of healthcare from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective and aims to raise awareness of the role of healthcare as a fundamental element of economic development, social cohesion and the well-being and security of citizens.GlobalHealth

Fernando Brandão Alves, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at CITTA – FEUP, University of Porto, will be one of the Speakers in a panel about Architecture, Health and Wellness, addressing topics that have been under research in several projects developed in CITTA.

The premises for this panel is based on the United Nations statement “that our future is urban and, accordingly, for the World Health Organization that health should be prioritized in urban and territorial planning, in order to incorporate it into decision-making and thus favouring “age-friendly cities”. For the next generation of elders who wish to keep participating actively in society, shared and social spaces are crucial for both physical and mental health.”

News published in 27 Sep, 2023