Re-Learning Public Space

An Action Research Event that will take place in Amsterdam on the 28th - 30th June, 2018, part of the AESOP series “Unstable geographies, dislocated publics” of the AESOP Thematic Group Public Space and Urban Cultures (representative Sara Santos Cruz)

RE-LEARNING PUBLIC SPACE: An Action Research Event | Amsterdam | 28th - 30th June, 2018

18th May: deadline for registrations and submission of abstracts and bio's.

The event challenges the traditional academic conference format – rather than having a series of paper presentations, participants will learn, and use their research and daily experiences to reflect on the main challenges that underpin the thematic routes.

The event involves tracing the stories behind innovative appropriations of public space, identifying related dilemmas and formulating research questions. Prior to the event, we will liaise with locals to design an alternative city guide inspired by a set of broad, yet timely themes. We will dwell on the challenges locals are confronted with, and the interventions they envision as potentially enriching the city. When presented with the opportunity to consult a broad, experienced and interested audience, what are the questions they would like to raise? The resulting city guide will enable the event participants to experience local everyday practices through thematic tours, which present alternative narratives of the city. The explorations performed during the conference aim to unpack the complex character of current and emergent urban challenges, to address those challenges both within community forums and plenary sessions, and to enable further learning and collaborative projects thro
 ugh the use of an open access data platform.

News published in 11 May, 2018