The book “Post-growth Planning: Cities Beyond the Market Economy” was published by Routledge

This book draws on a wide range of conceptual and empirical materials to identify and examine planning and policy approaches that move beyond the imperative of perpetual economic growth. It sketches out a path towards planning theories and practices that can break the cyclical process of urban expansion, crises, and recovery that negatively affect ecosystems and human lives. Among the contributors of this book are top authors in the planning field such as Leonie Sandercock, Simin Davoudi, Luca Bertolini and Yvonne Rydin – just to mention a few.

The book was edited by Federico Savini (University of Amsterdam), Kim von Schönfeld (Faculty of Humanities of the University of Porto) and António Ferreira – the representative of CITTA (Porto) in this initiative. António is also the first author of one the book chapters, with the title: Beyond the rule of growth in the transport sector: Towards “clumsy mobility solutions”?

Further details about the book can be found here:

Disclaimer: the organization of the research activities and networking events that led to the publication of this book was financially supported by CITTA and by the Centre for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam

News published in 25 May, 2022