3.76 - Airline Strategic Planning

Project Description

The competitive air transport market and the establishment of the low-cost business model, rising fuel prices and growing demand, require that airlines have a very efficient operation and a sound strategy for the future, particularly in what relates to the markets it operates. The strategic planning of an airline includes decisions on hub location, fleet planning and network design. It is a very complex process that has been usually decomposed and solved in individual sub-problems. Airline hubs are very stable, so network design and fleet planning are the real focus of the planning process. This research aims to develop an integrated strategic network-fleet planning model using an optimization approach that enables the network design and fleet planning with the objective of profit maximization considering competition and cooperation dynamics between airlines.

Research Team


  • André Gomes
  • António Pais Antunes (supervisor)

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Alexandre Jacquillat

University of the Azores

  • António Menezes
Financial Support:
  • FCT
Stage of Progress
  • Started in 2018