Cadima, Catarina

Research Group 1 - Spatial Planning and Environment (SPE)
Cadima, Catarina

Catarina Cadima is a junior researcher at the Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment (CITTA). Her scientific activity has involved Spatial Planning, Economic Geography and Sustainable Mobility. Her research focuses on active commuting, urban planning, decision-making processes, mode choice and the impact of contextual factors (financial, natural hazards, wars and pandemic crises) on mobility, inequalities and attitudes towards mobility. Catarina is starting the SWIT Project, which involves school mobility management, exploring the links between policy making with experiments in co-creation, low-carbon transport strategies, arts, creativity and health, within the scope of the Scientific Employment (2021.01013.CEECIND).

2020 - PhD in Spatial Planning (FEUP) University of Porto
2014 - Master’s degree in Arts & Education (FPCEUP & FBAUP) University of Porto
2008 - Master’s degree in Planning and Design of the Built Environment (FAUP/FEUP), University of Porto
2002 - Degree in Architect (FAUP), University of Porto
(2000 - 2001 - Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Lund, Sweden)





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