Accessibility and Mobilities

Scope & Objectives:

This thematic area brings together different spatial and transport planning expertise in the research of accessibility (defined here as the effective capacity of people to access places, services, objects, opportunities, and social contacts) and mobilities (the multiple means that allow the movement of people and goods, and the respective service provided). Recognising that accessibility and mobilities are not necessarily positively related, an arena for critical discussion is offer, covering social, environmental, economic, technological and governance challenges. The debate focusses on the underlying values and narratives related to accessibility and mobility, but also on planning processes, technologies, methodologies and tools supporting policy decisions and scientific analysis.

Examples of specific themes of interest are listed below:

  • Values, narratives, cultural and legal frameworks, economic and budgetary issues and public policies that structure, condition and drive accessibility and mobility planning.
  • Mobility culture transitions (towards more sustainable design, behaviour, and attitudes).
  • Integration of land use and transport policies, and mobility strategies for low density areas.
  • Mobility Innovations (e.g. Shared Mobilities, Mobility as a Service (MaaS)), Mobility technologies (e.g. autonomous vehicles), decision support technologies (e.g. GIS applied to mobility and transport) and data acquisition and study technologies (e.g. Living labs, Big Data and satellite acquired data).
  • Historical analyses, as well as development of visions for the future.
  • Cecília Silva (General Coordinator)
  • António Ferreira, João Bigotte, Jorge Gonçalves, José Pedro Tavares (Coordination Team)


Integrated Researchers with PhD:

  • Anabela Salgueiro Narciso Ribeiro
  • António Ferreira
  • Catarina Dias Cadima
  • Cecília Silva
  • Gonçalo Gonçalves Duarte Santos
  • João Bigotte
  • João Pedro Cruz da Silva
  • Jorge Humberto Gaspar Gonçalves
  • José Pedro Tavares
  • Luís Vasconcelos
  • Miguel Lopes
  • Paulo Castro Seixas


Integrated Researchers without PhD:

  • Ana Cláudia Proença
  • Christiano Piccioni Toralles
  • Harley Amado
  • Isabel Bezerra da Cunha
  • João Teixeira
  • Micael da Silva e Sousa
  • Nuno Sousa Gomes