Urban Morphology

Scope & Objectives

The thematic area of Urban Morphology offers a key stage for debate and knowledge production on the physical form of cities, including its different elements and its role as a fundamental support for the main urban flows and for the satisfaction of essential needs of the socioeconomic and environmental systems.

This thematic area aims at contributing for the consolidation of CITTA’s role in key international networks in the field of urban morphology (drawing on the quality of research developed by its members, widely recognized by their peers), and for the attraction of international and national founding, and highly qualified researchers for the centre (PhD students for the Doctoral Programme in Spatial Planning and doctoral researchers for new projects).

In addition, the thematic area aims at contributing for the promotion of interdisciplinary work at CITTA, exploring the intrinsic nature of the centre, and promoting a higher fertilization of knowledge, facilitating the development of collaborative research involving different Research Groups.

It is expected that the activity of this thematic area, might have different expressions, from research (publications, projects, conferences) to education (courses, PhD supervision) and from these to support of action on the physical form of cities (bridging academia and professional practice).


Integrated Researchers with PhD

  • Cláudia Monteiro
  • Emília Malcata
  • Luísa Batista
  • Miguel Lopes
  • Miguel Serra
  • Muzaffer Arat
  • Sara Ferreira
  • Vinicius Netto

Integrated Researchers without PhD

  • Amaro Mendonça
  • Ana Dias
  • Lais Bertolino
  • Mariana Diniz
  • Nuno Gomes
  • Paulo Silvestre
  • Silvia Spolaor