1.1 - Urban Regeneration in the Metropolitan Area of Oporto

Project Description

This project intended to readdress current processes and instruments for urban regeneration under a perspective of sustainable development, and to evaluate the compatibility - in terms of nature, meaning and extent - of a sustainable standpoint with the traditional objectives of urban regeneration programmes which are essentially of a social and economic nature.

It comprised several issues, namely the ones associated to:

  • The characterization of the planning systems of Metropolitan Area of Porto bearing in mind a sustainable development perspective;
  • Analysis of the most severe urban declining forms, desoccupation and sub-utilization and reappraisal of urban regeneration policies under a sustainable development standpoint in selected case studies;
  • The proposal of a framework of policies, strategies and models for intervention, as well as relevant regulatory initiatives, to support the adoption of innovative approaches to urban regeneration practice.
Research Team
  • Paulo Pinho
  • Isabel Breda Vázquez
  • Paula Vaz Ribeiro
  • Isabel Galego

Financial Support
  • Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia/PRAXIS XXI (Projecto PRAXIS7PCSH7C7AUR7233796)

Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 1999