1.26 - Resilient Territories: The Case of Ave Valley Region

Project Description

The concept of resilience is very important in order to give an answer to the challenges presented by the social-environmental sustainability, the economical-institutional globalisation and the political-territorial cohesion that regions and cities are facing in the 21st century.

In this era of hypermodernity that is being defined as an uncertain, changeable and unexpected environment, the transposition of this concept to the Spatial Planning according to an operational logic, allows a new comprehension of the territory, making it less vulnerable and more prepared to deal with change and complexity. A resilient region or city will be the one that, in presence of situations of tension and change, will be able to guarantee the working of its structures, assuring the restoring of its metabolism and of the life conditions of its community.

In this context, this project proposes the analysis of territories under transformation, such as is the case of the Ave Valley Region, exploring the dynamic attributes of resilience – prevision, adaptation and modification, within the context of Territorial Planning.

Research Team
  • Ana Esteves Martins
  • Paulo Pinho (supervisor)
  • Sara Santos Cruz (co-supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT financial support
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2021