1.36 - Paths of Population and Housing Development in Portugal: Divergences and Convergences in Space and Planning (Post-doc Project)

Project Description

This post-doctoral project focuses on paths of population change and housing development in Portugal: divergences and convergences in space and planning.

The world is faced with two irrefutable facts: aging population and lessening resources. Shrinking cities can be a consequence and a solution. There is not even a decade passed since shrinkage has been put internationally in the limelight, thus leaving a lot of holes to fill. Despite efforts to amalgamate shared scientific and practical knowledge there is still a leap to be taken. There has not always been direct correspondence between population development and urban development or at least adaptation is slow in cases of shrinkage, depleting resources. This research project aims at contributing to: integrating population and housing in evidence-based planning and referencing operational needs of local governments in decision support tools to do so. There seem to be a lot of arguments on how to grow, but is there a good way to shrink? A paradigm change from planning for growth to planning for development is required.

Research Team
  • Sílvia Sousa
  • Paulo Pinho (supervisor)
  • Paulo Conceição (co-supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT: SFRH/BPD/86503/2012
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2018