1.49 - Accessibility at the Neighbourhood Scale for Pedestrians

Project Description

The main purpose of this research project is to develop a methodology to evaluate accessibility at the neighbourhood scale. Most of instruments are suitable for the geography scale but insufficient for fine spatial scales, in which the geometry of urban structure in terms of streets and buildings and cognitive aspects need to be considered. This project aims to address this challenge by bringing together different areas of expertise, from urban planning to surveying engineering. The project comprises several issues, namely the ones associated to:Proj_1.49.png

The characterization of the quality of urban spaces, focusing on its inclusiveness to pedestrians.
The design of an instrument for the evaluation of accessibility at the neighbourhood scale.
The use of point clouds for measuring the geometrical components of the urban structure considered in the accessibility instrument at the neighbourhood scale.
The application of the methodology to a real case study in the city of Porto (Portugal).

Research Team
  • Cecília Silva (Coordinator)
  • Lucía Díaz-Vilariño
  • Viridiana Gabriel Gomes
Financial Support
  • Xunta de Galicia
Stage of progress
  • Concluded in 2018