1.78 - The assessment of urban identity: The case of Damascus

Project Description

This doctoral research intends to examine not only the main factors that are directly linked to the formation of urban identity, but also to evaluate the adverse effect of phenomena that put the values ​​of urban identity at risk. Cumulatively, it identifies methodological pathways to assess the state of urban identity and suggest frameworks that mitigate these adverse effects.

The final outcome of this research will be a methodology for evaluating the changes in urban identity and a set of recommendations or a framework to be followed to organize and control this process of change in identity derived from the findings of the application of the methodology on our case study. Aiming to help cities build their new identities overlapping with the previous ones not erasing them. Which in turn will be effective in reducing the loss of the city's identity.

 Research Team:
  • Hasan Mansour
  • Fernando Brandão Alves (Supervisor)
Financial support
  • FCT : PD/BD/150592/2020
Stage of Progress
  • Started in 2021