1.80 - Towards Coastal Landscape Governance

Project Description

The scientific debate has not addressed coastal landscape governance yet, despite the unsustainable rates of coastal landscape change and their vulnerability to climate change effects in many coastal countries. Additionally, various policy instruments regulate coastal landscapes, focusing on competing and/or conflicting interests and land uses at several intersecting administrative scales. The gravity and complexity of coastal landscape challenges demand new or redesigned governance systems to improve effectiveness and adaptability. Little is known on scientific debate about how coastal landscape governance has advanced in relation to coastal governance. Based on an explanatory multiple case study approach in Portugal, this research intends to explore the contribution of coastal landscape governance for safeguarding and enhancing the coastal socio-ecological system. Additionally, and specifically, this PhD research proposal aims (1) to develop a conceptual framework on coastal landscape governance, (2) to describe and explain changes in coastal and landscape governance and its effects on the system to be governed (coastal landscape) in Portugal, and (3) to recommend a set of responsive coastal landscape governance policies. Based on the theoretical and empirical results, our research will advance the understanding of coastal landscape governance, recommending how our findings inform its theory and future coastal policies.

Research Team
  • Carla Gonçalves
  • Paulo Pinho (supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT - UI/BD/151233/2021
State of Progress
  • Started in 2021