1.93 - Cost Action CA21166 Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience (SHiFT)

Project Description

SHiFT proposes the creation of a transdisciplinary Hub to address existing challenges in advancing timely societal transformations in the face of climate change. It includes the delivery of a plan of action-focused missions, initiatives, and digital content creation. The Hub comprises a core group of SSH transdisciplinary researchers and practitioners and their extended networks with a focus on unfolding the benefits of engaging with transformation in practice ideas across different social, political, economic, environmental, and technological contexts. Recognising from the onset that these categories have blurred demarcations in practice and exploring the nexus between these and their impact on different systems and regimes. The SHiFT Hub will focus on:

  1. Knowledge exchange and shared learning about ‘critical practice’, achieved by identifying and engaging with ‘real-world’ problem-solving that promote flexible, adaptive, multi-scalar and multiple time-frame terminologies drawing from learning by doing in action approaches, tacit and experiential knowledge and hybridizations;
  2. Expanding networks and cooperation through inclusive, cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary, and contextual exchange. It will leverage various social planes from offline and online environments, to contribute and draw from existing collaborative platforms, as well as tuning in and widening climate action networks to explore critical exchange dialogues and partnerships;
  3. Improve transfer capabilities by leveraging best practices in online and offline communication, engagement, and co-creation with and through art and society to enhance knowledge sharing, and embodied experience in teaching and learning. Promote further transfer value through the identification of collaborative working tools and creative processes.
Research Team
  • Sílvia Sousa (Working Group member)
  • Catarina Cadima (Working Group member)
Financial Support
  • European Science Foundation (COST Association)
Stage of Progress
  • In progress ( started in 2022)