1.89 - INNOVSHARE - Viability analysis of different car-sharing system configurations through an innovative agent based simulation model

Project Description

The concept behind the InnoVshare project is to innovate in the methodology for the assessment of the potential of carsharing systems through the use of agent-based simulation. We will build a simulation model that addresses the following fundamental question: what are the best carsharing system configurations that could lead to an aggregate net benefit for society? This model will tentatively create a tool that government authorities can use to rigorously estimate carsharing impacts and at the same time help private companies to manage their systems better. It aims to assess the economic performance of the system from the different stakeholders’ perspectives: users, carsharing operators, existing transport operators, and local government. These performances are a function of several planning and operational decisions which will be included in the model: one-way vs. round-trip; vehicle relocation policies to support one-way carsharing; business models to support the development of the system; station or free parking areas location decision; pricing policies; vehicle technology and electric mobility infrastructure.

Research Team
  • Gonçalo Correia
  • Anabela Ribeiro
  • Inês Frade
  • Diego Alejandro Giménez
Financial Support
  • PTDC/ECM-TRA/0528/2012 
Stage of progress
  • Concluded