1.91 - PORTAL: Promotion of Results in Transport Research and Learning

Project Description

Coimbra University was the Portuguese NFP (National Focus Point) and an ETSI (Educational Test Site). The aim of the PORTAL project is to optimize the collection of research results from the EU in the area of transport (at regional and local scales) through the development of new teaching materials and training courses. Higher education institutions will be potentially the most benefit from this project. Due to the high number of European projects consulted, it will not be possible to present all the results and include them in the set of documents that are produced. These should be seen as an access 'Portal' facilitating and structuring consultation with projects and their results. In this way, one should not wait for a work like this to be complete. With regard to the desired content for this material, teachers' expectations diverged a lot: for some, the organization of content should “facilitate the search for results of a specific issue within the EU”, for others it should “facilitate the consultation of the specific results of certain projects”. Thus, it was necessary to arrive at a commitment so as to reasonably meet the expectations of both groups. The following compendium contains the results of a number of European projects for research which are complemented with the results of some national projects. THE PORTAL wishes to thank all the partners and collaborators of the projects that are refer. At the end of this document a complete list of projects, consortia and cited literature. To analyze in more detail some descriptions of case studies by please see the long version available on the PORTAL website, which also includes two annexes, annex 1 on the definition of types of road space users and annex 2 regarding the'deliverables' available in each of the analyzed projects. This material refers to the topic “Traffic Management and Control” considering the area “Traffic management serving environmentally sustainable policies”, was compiled by Álvaro SECO (Associate Professor at FCTUC) and Anabela RIBEIRO (Invited Assistant at the FCTUC) and was adapted after a 'workshop' with the institutions that tested this topic (Educational Test Sites)

Research Team
  • Alvaro Seco
  • Anabela Ribeiro
  • Ana Bastos
Financial Support
  • European Commission FP5
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded