1.98 - Urban Morphology and spatial planning - Building bridges between research and practice

Project Description 

There is a gap between scientific knowledge about cities and the solutions supplied by urban planning to deal with the problems and needs of these territories. This gap between research and practice puts into question the relevance and efficacy of the proposed solutions and the capacity of urban planning to have a positive impact on the territory and society. This work intervenes in this gap, seeking to promote a more consistent relationship between knowledge and action. It sustains that, to fill the research-practice gap, research should develop a systematic method to effectively understand what practice is. The focus of the work is placed on the plan-making processes of spatial urban planning and on how research in urban morphology can contribute to it. The objective is to contribute to the advancement of the discipline of urban morphology and planning practice, contributing to an informed and continuous relationship between research and practice and, as a result, more resilient and sustainable cities. 


Research Team 
  • Ana Mélice Dias 
  • Vítor Oliveira (supervisor) 
Financial Support 
  • FCT – 2022.13211.BD 
Stage of Progress 

Started in 2022