2.1 - The Construction of Urban Regeneration Policies: Analysis, Evaluations and Recommendations in Selected Urban Areas

Project Description

The project was based in four main concerns:

  • The appraisal of the framework and of the practice of urban regeneration policies around Europe, namely as far as its innovative elements are concerned;
  • The framing of urban regeneration so as to reinforce citizenship and a sustainable development;
  • The appraisal of investment capacities associated with various funding programmes, which were expected under the 3rd Community Support Framework;
  • The importance that should be given to systematic interventions on selected urban areas.

The project presents an evaluation of the nature of different forms of urban deprivation on the urban system of the northern region of Portugal, and in the surrounding areas of the city center of Porto.

One main results pursued by this project was the assessment of urban programmes and initiatives of the 3rd Community Support Framework in order to design effective urban regeneration policies.

The project concluded with a definition of strategic orientations and some recommendations to the operationallity of urban regeneration strategies.

Research Team
  • Prof. Isabel Breda Vázquez (coord.)
  • Paulo Conceição
  • Luisa Mendes Batista
  • Miguel Branco-Teixeira
Financial Support
  • Porto Local Authority
  • CCRN - Regional Development Programme
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded (1999-2000)