2.13 - PPP & Urban Regeneration

Project Description

The project's main goal consists on the analysis of the role of (public-private) partnerships in urban regeneration programmes and policies, giving special attention to Portugal's case. One is looking to discuss the presence, in the Portuguese case, of specific social and political elements which may influence the use of this form of action organisation.

The project identifies and describes experiences which, in different Portuguese cities, refer to the concept of "partnership". Their development conditions are discussed, particularly those which may occur from the legal framework and from changes in the ways local strategies are understood. As a final point, the project aims at proposing types of analyses, which may be useful to understand and evaluate the role of (public-private) partnerships in urban regeneration programmes and policies.

Research Team

  • Prof. Isabel Breda-Vázquez
  • Prof. Paulo Conceição
  • Ruben Fernandes
Financial Support
  • FEUP
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded

Scientific Papers
  • Breda-Vázquez, I; Conceição, P; and Fernandes, R (2009) "Partnerships Diversity and Governance Culture: Evidences from Policies for Urban Regeneration in Portugal", Urban Studies 46(13) , pp 2213-2238