2.19 - Urban Rehabilitation in Historical Centres: Models of Intervention and Management in Critical Areas

Project Description

This PhD research focuses on the analysis of new models of intervention and management in “critical areas” located in inner cities and historic centres. It aims at showing that the cultural values of these areas are not dissociated with the built heritage and the socioeconomic problems of local communities. In particular, this study aims creating models of management and intervention for the specific case of the critical areas of the Historic Centre of Porto. These models are intended to connect the tangible and intangible values of the Oporto World Heritage and solve problems associated with the intense physical degradation of the built heritage and the socioeconomic vulnerabilities of the local population.

The research addresses the international debate in order to identify different intervention methodologies and management models for historic centres, derived not only from studies about the European historic centres, but also from conservation charters of the international heritage. This study will give special attention to integrated management models that are focused in restoring the residential functions of these areas, maintaining the characteristics of the urban environment and preserving their functional diversity and cultural identity and authenticity. Moreover, the research focuses on the creation models based on processes of integrated conservation addressing the issues of habitability, minimal intervention and heritage preservation, together with the related economic and social conditions of local inhabitants. In particular, these models must acknowledge not only the importance of integrating the local population in the processes of integrated conservation, but also the need to define the role played by local authorities in public-private initiatives.

Research Team
  • Cilísia Ornelas
  • Prof. Isabel Breda-Vázquez (supervisor)
  • Prof. João Miranda Guedes (co-supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2016