2.20 - The Involvement of Children and Young People in a Participative Land Use Management Model for the Local Level

Project Description

This research project starts from exploring how to give a more participative profile to the current framework of land use planning and management at local level in the Portuguese context. In particular, the aim is to understand if and how can children and young people be involved in such processes in order to enhance a sense of understanding of and belonging to the community. An analysis will be done of the different methods and tools that better adapt to the cultural, social and institutional conditions in place.

Research Team
  • João Armando Gonçalves
  • Prof. Paulo Conceição (supervisor)
Financial Support
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Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2015


PhD Theses

  • Gonçalves, João Armando (2015) O envolvimento de crianças e jovens num modelo de gestão territorial participada ao nível local, University of Porto