2.29 - Assessment of Rehousing Needs in the Municipality of Porto

Project Description

In march 2017, the Portuguese Parliament recommended to the government the organization of a “national survey of housing needs and social protection needs related to housing, in order to identify all situations that require rehousing or an alternative housing solution”. A new rehousing program is to be prepared based on that knowledge. Following that recommendation, IHRU - the national Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation - carried out a nationwide survey of rehousing needs. The project aims to assist the municipality of Porto in responding to that survey.

The assessment has four main parts:

- a conceptual reflection on rehousing needs, housing precarity and housing deprivation, and on the spatialities of housing problems;

- a systematization of local knowledge on housing precarity;

- a fieldwork aiming to collect relevant information for the survey;

- and the production of recommendations for urban and housing policies.

Research Team
  • Paulo Conceição (coord.)
  • Isabel Breda-Vázquez
  • Caio Baszynski
  • Francisco Vieira
  • Jéssica Nardy
Financial Support
  • Domus Social (the municipal housing company)
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded