2.33 - Urban Rehabilitation Market Study

Project Description

The Urban Rehabilitation Market Study, together with a Database of Local Indicators of Housing Needs, are designed to update and deepen a previous study, published in 2014.

A contextual perspective of urban rehabilitation dynamic in Portugal is provided, aiming at:

  • Recognizing the diversity of problematic situations affecting the housing and burban rehabilitation markets in Portugal, as well as their main spatial differentiations.
  • Identifying the instruments, at the municipal level, that support urban rehabilitation and the promotion of local demand for housing.
  • Reflecting on the importance of diversified local strategies and the need to articulate different levels and forms of intervention.

The study explores the various statistical indicators available, with different spatial disaggregation (including the level of the parish) and using various methods of analysis. A comparative assessment of the severity of local problems and needs is provided, with the help of rankings and local profiles of need. The municipalities' perception of the urban rehabilitation market is analysed, and the main municipal instruments are identified, using the results of a survey to the Portuguese municipalities. In conclusion, a set of guidelines for a strategic, contextual and articulated perspective of urban rehabilitation is proposed.

Research team
  • Isabel Breda Vázquez
  • Paulo Conceição
  • Catarina Thomaz
  • Filipe Cruz
  • Luís Miguel Branco Teixeira
  • Diana Silva
Financial Support
  • AICCOPN, a national association of the construction industry
  • (Projeto SIAC - Reabilitação Urbana Inteligente e Sustentável, do Norte 2020 / Portugal 2020)
Time Frame
  • Concluded