2.34 - Institutions and Indicators in "Monitoring and Evaluation" in Territorial Planning

Project Description

This PhD research explore the role of institutions and indicators in "monitoring and evaluation" in territorial planning at municipal and supramunicipal level. With this target, this thesis aims to analyse the importance of institutions in the indicator systems, the complexity of the coexistent indicators systems and to verify the degree of institutionalization of "Monitoring and Evaluation" in territorial planning.

The formulated hypotheses are: (1) The institutions assume a differential relevance in the M&E indicators systems and establish different types of relationships between them. (2) The M&E indicators systems in spatial planning are complex. (3) There is a (new) M&E culture in spatial planning.

Research Team
  • Paula Ribeiro Ramos
  • Isabel Breda Vázquez (supervisor)
  • Fernanda Sousa (co-supervisor)
Financial Support


Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2022