2.40 - In Search of Housing: From Europeanization of Housing Politics to Local Responses to the Housing Question

Project Description

Housing as a commodity, or as a cluster of human: civil or social rights. Housing affordability and housing quality. Supra, national and subnational responses to housing question. Housing politics as an interactive process of application and formulation of housing policies, as well as a set of communicative and collaborative actions taken by different actors to face housing question. (Local) state; (fixed) capital and vita activa (habitus, labour, work) of community as triggers to citizenship, democratic, fair and plural responses to housing question. Drawing on a range of interrelated concepts, this PhD research aims to be a relevant (and useful) contribution to the field of Europeanization and housing studies. Both are problematic solutions to the challenges of the 21st century: economic literacy, energy crisis, housing affordability (in terms of quality and/or quantity), intra and international cooperation, as well as knowledge creation and sharing (in this age of surveillance capitalism). It does so using interview as a research tool to answer the research questions: what do current trends suggest about the Europeanization of housing politics? And what evolution is expected for EU in terms of housing politics?

Research team
  • Jorge Afonso de Almeida Rios
  • Paulo Santos Conceição (Supervisor)
Time Frame
  • Started in 2021