3.77 - Transit-Oriented Development

Project Description

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a relatively recent yet highly relevant concept for contemporary urban planning since potentially it may reduce the levels of car-commute, solo-driving, shorten trip lengths, at the same time providing functionally diversified neighborhoods. However, due to the complexity of the concept, there is a number of challenges that research is facing to evaluate the efficiency and performance of TODs. This project intends to address some of these challenges, providing a longitudinal analysis of TOD effects over an approximately fifteen-year period for the case study of Metro do Porto. The proposed approach implies analysis on both large metropolitan scale and micro-scale of immediate station areas, in an attempt to develop broad yet detailed research design. Furthermore, the results obtained from first stages of TOD evaluation in Porto are expected to sustain the development of a decision-support tool for future TOD planning.

Research Team
  • Anna Ibraeva 
  • António Pais Antunes (supervisor)
  • Cecília Silva (supervisor)
  • Gonçalo Correia (supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded