3.80 - Strategic Planning of a Network of Intermodal Platforms

Project Description

Freight transport has experienced a considerable increase in recent years, so various actions have been carried out with the aim of increasing its sustainability, such as the promotion of intermodality. One of the key components within the intermodal transport system are the terminals where the freight transfer processes between different modes of transport will be carried out. In this context, the purpose of this work is to establish a reference framework for decision-making in the design process of the intermodal terminal network that includes the location and definition of the type of terminals within the intermodal transport network based on optimization models.

Research Team
  • Erwin Delgado Bravo

University of Lisbon

  • Ana Paula Póvoa (supervisor)


  • António Pais Antunes (supervisor)
Financial Support
  • SENESCYT (Government of Ecuador)
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2020