3.91 - Environmental impacts of aviation under climate change

Project Description

Aviation plays a pivotal role in economic development and delivers significant societal benefits. However, the environmental issues arising from aviation are of increasing global attention. One of the main environmental concerns is related to airport emissions that contribute to deterioration of air quality and climate change. This thesis aims to establish a comprehensive methodology for investigating the connection between airport activities and the environmental impacts of air transport. The methodology devised in this research will facilitate a quantitative assessment of emissions linked to airport operations, air pollution, and the resulting population exposure in vicinity of airport. The following key objectives are defined: (i) to develop and apply a modelling approach for quantitative assessment of aircraft emissions and air pollution in the surrounding areas of airports; (ii) to explore a synergy of measures to mitigate local air pollution and climate relevant pollutants related with airport activities; (iii) to assess the impact of climate change on airport activities and pollution dispersion patterns under various climate scenarios; (iv) to establish an indicator-based assessment system for evaluating the environmental sustainability of airports and promoting the development of eco-friendly airports. With this research, it is expected to potentially contribute to evaluation of mitigation and adaptation measures at airport level and implementation of sustainability policy.

Research Team
  • Kiana Sanajou
  • Oxana Tchepel (supervisor)
Financial Support
  • FCT - UI/BD/151113/2021
Stage of Progress
  • Started in 2019