4.19 - AUTODRIVING – Modelação do comportamento do condutor em contexto de veículo autónomo com recurso ao simulador de condução

Project description

AUTODRIVING aims (1) to study the driver’s activity and behaviour during the autonomous driving, including (2) the research of the takeover of vehicle control task under different circumstances, which is expected to be the most risky driving task in autonomous vehicles, and (3) the identification of population groups’ understanding of the system functioning. To achieve these goals, a national survey alongside with focus groups interviews will be conducted. Additionally, driving simulator experiments will be undertaken to analyse driver behaviour under several specific scenarios of autonomous driving.

The successful accomplishment of AUTODRIVING relies on a multidisciplinary team coordinated by Sara Ferreira with expertise on road safety.

Project findings are expected to support future recommendations to guide policy actions at different society levels and the development of ADAS tailored to the driver characteristics by automotive and software industry and R&D agents.

Research team


  • António José Fidalgo do Couto
  • António Manuel Cabral Vieira Lobo
  • Carlos Manuel Rodrigues
  • José Pedro Maia Pimentel Tavares (Co-PI)
  • Rosaldo José Fernandes Rossetti
  • Sara Maria Pinho Ferreira (PI)

Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação, Universidade do Porto

  • Liliana Maria da Silva Cunha


  • Anabela dos Santos Aleixo Simões
  • Pedro Nuno Pacheco Ferreira
Financial support
  • FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Stage of progress
  • Concluded in 2022