4.25 - The Deployment of Automated Vehicles in urban transport systems

Project description

The goal of this thesis is to present a feasible research proposal to enhance the deployment of automated vehicles in urban road networks. Moreover, the proposed research is intended to act on two different levels:

I.At an upper level: to support the city planners by developing a strategy of integration for such novelty in urban networks. This reflects a macro-analysis of the deployment.

II.The lower level: to support the city operators in taking advantage of the change in traffic paradigm boosting the potential of the automated traffic in increasing levels of service. This level regards a micro-analysis of the deployment.

Research team
  • Lígia Conceição
  • José Pedro Tavares (supervisor)
  • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Rodriguez Correia (Co-supervisor)
Financial support
  • PhD Scholarship granted by FCT, under the MIT-Portugal Program
Stage of progress
  • Concluded in 2020