Project Description

The aim of the C-Roads Platform
- linking all C-ITS deployments;
- develop, share and publish common technical specifications (including the common communication profiles;
- planning intensive cross-testing to verify interoperability;
- develop system tests based on the common communication profiles by focusing on hybrid communication mix, which is a combination of ETSI ITS-G5 and operational cellular networks.
And by doing so C-Roads will pave the ground for making Cooperative, Connected and Automated Driving reality.

Research Team

  • Ana Paula Cunha da Rocha
  • Daniel Augusto Gama de Castro Silva
  • Eugénio da Costa Oliveira
  • Joaquim Gabriel Magalhães Mendes
  • José Pedro Maia Pimentel Tavares
  • Rosaldo José Fernandes Rossetti
  • Sara Isabel Linhas Paiva
  • Zafeiris Kokkinogenis

Financial Support

  • PS:2016-PT-TM-0259-S

State of Progress

  • Concluded in 2021