4.36 - Road Asset Management Considering Connected and Automated Vehicles

Project description

The benefits of using connected and autonomous vehicles in transportation systems are dramatic affecting mobility, the environment, safety, and the economy. These vehicles use many sensors and cameras to detect road signage and lane markings and also to inspect objects around them. They are connected to other vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), or in short to everything (V2X) to share information between them, such as traffic and weather. Several studies indicate the need of using asset management processes to better manage the intrinsic aspects of connected vehicles, improving performance, resources, and budget planning, while lowering the risks. It was identified how road design will evolve with a high adoption of automated vehicles, while some aspects will be improved, resulting in less resources spent on road construction. It was also examined how transport agencies can properly manage road assets, while it is expected that other elements should be managed as well, with the implementation of new infrastructures. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to define a methodology to manage road assets (or improve existing systems), considering all aspects of the future connected vehicles environment.

Project team
  • Matheus Gomes Correia
  • Adelino Ferreira (Supervisor)
Financial support
  • Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), under the MIT Portugal Program
State of progress
  • In progress