4.4 - EMSURE – Energy and Mobility for Sustainable Regions

Project Description

The project addresses energy and mobility issues for sustainable regions, structured along five main work packages, dealing with smart use of energy in cities, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency in buildings, clean energy supply, and sustainability assessment and planning for sustainability. Strongly rooted on a solid background of collaborative work within the research team and new challenging R&D avenues for which an interdisciplinary approach is a keystone, the R&D to be carried out in the EMSURE – Energy and Mobility for Sustainable Regions project encompasses the characterisation and modelling of energy resources, the design and assessment of energy management strategies, the integration of energy storage in a zero energy building, transport network planning models and methods, new urban transportation modes/services planning, retrofitting of energy buildings, assessment of the geothermal potential for power production, the production of biofuels from forest residues, as well as methodologies for extended life cycle assessment, multi-criteria decision analysis, cost-benefit analysis and input-output analysis.

Start date: 1/04/2013, Duration: 30 months.

Research Team
  • Adelino Ferreira
  • Álvaro Jorge da Maia Seco
  • Ana Laura Costa
  • Ana Maria Bastos Silva
  • Anabela Salgueiro Narciso Ribeiro
  • António Luís Vasconcelos
  • António Pais Antunes
  • Arminda Almeida
  • Ashenafi Aregawi
  • Bruno Filipe Santos
  • Diana Jorge
  • Diana Leal
  • Diego Gimenéz
  • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Rodriguez Correia
  • Inês Frade
  • Mark Santos
  • Merkebe Getachen
  • Nuno Pinto
  • Paulo Alexandre Lopes de Figueiredo Coelho
  • Susana Meneses
  • Xiao Chen
Financial Support
  • Total funding: 1.210.129,39€. Project co-financed by QREN (Program "Mais Centro") and by European Union (Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional). Ref.: CENTRO-07-0224-FEDER-002004
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded 

Papers in Proceedings of Scientific Meetings

  • Ferreira, A., Meneses, S. and Paiva, C. (2014) "Pavement maintenance programming considering three objectives: maintenance and rehabilitation costs, user costs, and the residual value of pavements", in Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure ., Split, Croatia , pp 285-291