4.5 - LIVE - tooLs to Injury preVEntion

Project Description

In order to provide efficient tools to promote the analysis of risk factors associated to injury severities and good practices in safety interventions, the project LIVE aims at the development of a data system resulting from a linkage process of the medical information and police accident report. The project outcomes will provide know-how to define measures embracing the road environment, particularly their influence on pedestrian accidents, but also to promote an efficient management system of the emergency services. To develop this project a great effort to treat the data will be necessary. In addition, a modelling process will be required to analyse the effects of various types of variables on the injury severity and post-injury service.

Research Team


  • Sara Ferreira (coord.)
  • António Couto
  • José Pedro Tavares
  • Carlos Manuel Rodrigues
  • Luís Falcão (Bolseiro)
Financial Support
  • European Commission DG MOVE/SUB/01-2011
Stage of Progress
  • Concluded in 2015


Scientific Papers

  • Amorim, M; Ferreira, S; Couto, A (2014) "Linking police and hospital road accident records: How consistent can it be?", Transportation Research Record 2432 , pp 10-16