Societal and Climate Transitions / So-ACT

Scope & Objectives:

The world is changing at a rate never seen before, testing our capacity to respond accordingly. Our future relies on how soon we will be able to tackle increasingly complex challenges, which will demand efforts and integrative responses from public institutions, private organizations, different stakeholders, and local communities. To understand the way towards a better and more sustainable future is key to success.

Research on urban transitions may embrace quite different areas of research and perspectives. In this thematic area, we intend to focus on the societal and climate transitions, as fundamental and urgent, assuming both are interrelated and inter-reliant, e.g., climate change poses challenges that require important shifts in human mentalities, values, lifestyles and behaviours. On the other hand, technological innovation, economic situations, migrations, and other aspects may influence ways of living impacting on the environment, and ultimately have climate consequences. Thus, it is relevant to understand some main aspects, such as the processes causing these shifts, the delineation of adequate policies, the ways of governing, the ways of evaluating the positive/negative impacts, the development of tailored methods, and finally envision future scenarios.


Integrated Researchers with PhD

  • Ana Monteiro
  • Anabela Ribeiro
  • António Ferreira
  • António Lobo
  • Catarina Cadima
  • Cecília Rocha
  • Cecília Silva
  • Fernando Brandão Alves
  • Isabel Coimbra
  • João Teixeira
  • Luísa Mendes Batista
  • Paulo Conceição
  • Sara Cruz
  • Sara Ferreira
  • Sílvia Sousa
  • Sofia Valente

Integrated Researchers without PhD

  • Ana Sousa
  • Carla Gonçalves
  • Daniel Boris
  • Franklin Gaspar
  • João Corgo
  • Lara Bomfim
  • Micael Sousa
  • Nicolás Artaza


  • Ruben Fernandes