Title Type
4.9 - TA Project - Shallow Foundations Exposed to Seismic Liquefaction: A Centrifuge-Based Study on the Level and Mitigation of the Effects Page
4.10 - PTDC/ECM/103220/2008: Tools for Performance-Based Design in Liquefiable Deposits Page
4.11 - POCTI/ECM/46461/2002: Sistema de Gestão de Pavimentos Rodoviários Determinístico e com Decisão ao Nível do Trecho Rodoviário Page
4.12 - PORTAL: Promotion of Results in Transport Research and Learning Page
4.13 - POCTI/ECM/32909/1999: Sistemas de Gestão de Pavimentos Rodoviários: Um Instrumento de Optimização com Decisão ao Nível de Trecho de Pavimento Page
4.14 - PAVENERGY - Pavement Energy Harvest Solutions Page
4.15 - DIW 2020 – Douro’s Inland Waterway 2020: New Markets and Services in Douro’s Inland Waterway Page
4.16 - Pavement Energy Harvesting System to Convert Vehicles Kinetic Energy Into Electricity Page
4.17 - Speed Management in Single Carriageway Roads: Speed Limit Setting through Expert-Based System Page
1.50 - SPLACH - Spatial Planning for Change Page
1.51 - BooST – Boosting Starter Cycling Cities Page
1.52 - MOBI-AGE - Promoting urban mobility in ageing populations Page
4.18 - AWAREE - Análise de dados orientada para o estudo da distração e sonolência do condutor Page
1.53 - Cost Action CA17125 Public Value Capture of Increasing Property Values Page
1.54 - Emerging Perspectives on Urban Morphology (EPUM) Page
4.21 - SIESTA Enhancing Safety by usIng data from rEal-Time driver drowSiness feedbAck Page
4.23 - Analyzing strategic and tactical decisions in the urban Emergency Medical Service (uEMS) transport system Page
4.24 - Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Page
4.22 - Operating Speed Modeling in Two-Lane Highways Page
4.25 - The Deployment of Automated Vehicles in urban transport systems Page